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You are Galileo!


We distribute "Galileoscope" for children specially living in Asian countries. "Galileoscope" is a small telescope which is the same size that of Galileo Galilei used on his observations. Using "Galileoscope", children enjoy watching planets, stars an satellites as Galileo did. Through these observations, children can share the surprise and discovery that Galileo experienced before. It enables children to think about the cosmos, the Earth, and themselves. Our Galileoscope Project is a part of global cornerstone projects -The Galileoscope. Moreover, we provide the observation guidance using the Galileoscope for help.


Reproduction Galileo's Telescope

Galileo Telescope

Exact restoration of Galileo Telescopes We will restore the pair (large and small ones) of Galileo Telescope which was made by Galileo Galilei and is possessed now in the Florence Science History Research Museum, Italy. Thirty pairs of the exact replica will be produced and then sold to Museums and persons during IYA2009. The large telescope of them is restore not only appearance but also optical system. You can see the same objects which Galileo saw through this telescope.

Museum Exhibition

Traveling Exhibition
"Solving puzzle of the universe -- 400 years since Galileo's observation"

This exhibition aims to introduce how our vision of the universe has changed by telescopes and observational technologies since Galileo's observation. The exhibition is intended to be held at Tokyo and to travel to Sendai, Niigata, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Asian Mythology and Legend of Stars and Universe

Stars of Asia

An IYA Asian collaboration project on Asian legends and stories of stars and Universe.

Why the "Asian Stars" ?

Planetarium lectures and current textbooks on stars and constellations are mostly based on the western (Greek and Roman) stories even in Asian countries.
We know, however, that we have rich culture of stars throughout the East Asia and South Pacific islands.

Working group http://www-irc.mtk.nao.ac.jp/~webadm/StarsofAsia_E/index.php

Project Mission

We aim to collect and edit the East Asian legends and traditional stories relating to stars and universe in the East Asian countries and regions.
Final Target is to publish attractive books of East Asian star legends for public and teachers so that Asian people and children can enjoy those stories in schools, planetariums, and in their homes.

Overview | Detail [PDF]

Solar Eclipse

total solar eclipse / NAOJ

Observation Program

We distribute special solar filters (sun glasses) to observe solar eclipse safely with technical manual and observation program for teacher and children.
(image copyright: NAOJ)

Internet Broadcasting

Project: LIVE!UNIVERSE etc.

LIVE! UNIVERSE (http://www.live-universe.org/) will broadcast the total solar eclipse that occurs on July 22,2009 from multi points such as China, Amami Oshima, Tokara islands, Tanegashima, etc. in real time via internet. Detail time zone and how to watch out broadcast will be announced on the website (http://www.live-universe.org/). Everyone who has a personal computer and internet connection environments of the broadband can see the real time broadcasting.

LIVE! UNIVERSE is a nonprofit organization based in Japan. There are LIVE! UNIVERSE broadcast of 15 solar eclipses from various places in the world via internet (7 times under the name of LIVE! ECLIPSE Executive Committee) so far. Please see the project archives for our past activities, http://www.live-universe.org/ja/project.html.

Look up the Sky! : ten-millions' Star Gazing

You know, there are various astronomical objects such as the Moon, planets, meteors and many stars in the sky. We will announce interesting astronomical events on the web and provide you various opportunities to observe the stars and the Universe during the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009). Let's look up the night sky and imagine our universe and our origin together on the Earth. After you see astronomical events, please access the website. You will see the counter which shows how many people see and enjoy the event together. We hope at least 10 million people enjoy the night sky during IYA2009.

Let's go to Planetaria!

Let's go to Planetaria! Here, There, Everywhere, IYA! Planetariums all over Japan will be under the campaign "Here, There, Everywhere, IYA!" during the IYA2009. We will present various planetarium shows, exhibits and events concerned with the IYA2009. The aim of planetarium is to help the citizens rediscovering their place in the Universe through the day and night sky, and thereby engage a personal sense of wonder and discovery. There are about 300 planetariums in Japan with over 5 million audience per year. Planetarium will guide you to the Universe. Why don't you come to planetariums to open the gate to the sky by yourself!

Starry sky book fair

"Recently, the book on astronomy was not seen in the bookstore. ""The number of books on space seems to decrease compared with old times. Do you have heard such a voice? In the bookstore of the suburbs type, such special books tends not to be put, and it might be one of the reasons in secluding that the chance to stop in a lot of eyes of the person is few in the shelf where the book on astronomy. However, it is not because the book and the publication related to space and astronomy have decreased. The book that introduces the latest finding might be increasing. The project gStarry sky book fairh is to promote such good books for a lot of people who read the books on such attractive star and space on order to let them interested in the latest astronomy and the cosmic science. It is scheduled that the book with a high quality is assumed to be Official recognition of the IYA committee 2009 Japan. The union feeling is given with a common design belt, the specially-installed corner for the fair is developed with the main bookstores in the whole country, and the service of the readers' purchase is attempted. This fair is summer of 2009. Moreover, the pre-fair is scheduled at the end of 2008. Please pay attention to not only genuine starry sky but also the starry sky that stretches to the book by all means.

Astronomical club summit 2008

The event "Astronomical club summit 2008" will be held at the National Astronomical Observatory Mitaka On December 6-7, in order to receive IYA 2009 in the cooperative relationship with the amateur astronomers at the IYA committee 2009 Japan. This event is to have the place not only for giving general information on the IYA but also for exchanging information on astronomical clubs. Any astronomical clubs, including volunteering groups at any astronomical facilities, are welcome to participate. This event is assigned as the pre-event of the IYA 2009 by the IYA2009 Japan committee.

Galileo-kun and his friends

Galileo-kun is a mascot of IYA2009 Japan. He accompanies Io (a bird), Europa (a cat), Ganymede (a dog) and Callisto (a horse). The friends are named from the Galilean satellites. Galileo-kun and his friends will tell you stories of a wonderful, starry, huge universe. Let's enjoy the universe with them.


Dark Skies Awareness

We will encourage citizens to participate in campaigning for keeping dark sky. Let's attend GLOBE at Night (http://www.globe.gov/GaN/index.html). We will held a symposium on light pollution and advertise the star watching activities promoted by the Ministry of the Environment in Japan.

Astronomical Education Symposium 2009

Summary of IYA2009 activities and next plan - We will summarize various activities performed in IYA2009 Japan. We will discuss how to keep lively activities of Astronomical Education in and after 2010. This symposium will be held in Kobe.


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